Happy Labour Day

The Shipping Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) joins the nation in celebrating Labour Day on June 19th, commemorating the historic Butler Oilfield Riots of 1937. This day marks the struggles and sacrifices of workers who fought for better living and working conditions, paving the way for the modern labour movement in Trinidad and Tobago.

The SATT recognizes the vital role that workers play in the maritime industry, which is the backbone of global trade and the economy of Trinidad and Tobago. We are grateful for the dedication and hard work of our members, including ship agents, ship managers, port operators, and other maritime service providers, who ensure the smooth flow of goods and services through our ports.

Together, let us celebrate the achievements of the labour movement and look forward to a future where workers’ rights and dignity are upheld, and the maritime industry continues to thrive and contribute to the prosperity of our nation.