The structure of the SATT allows for the optimal provision of expertise and experience towards achieving its objectives. The SATT consists of the:

Executive Council – formulates policy and general guidelines for the Association. The President heads this body.

The Secretariat – implements policies and provides critical support for the day-to-day operations of the Association. The General Manager head these functions.

Special Sub-Committees – formed to undertake special projects. It comprises relevant members with expertise related to the terms of reference of the sub-committee and the nature of the project.

Our Leaders

Mr. Hayden Alleyne

Seaboard Marine Trinidad

Mr. Yuri Jardine

Vice President
Twin Island Shipping Agencies LTD

Mr. Stefan Mohammed

Group A Chairman
Gulf Shipping LTD

Mr. Jason-Leigh Ayoung

Group A Representative
Melville Shipping LTD

Mr. Michael Scipio

Group B Chairman
Atlantic LNG

Mr. Troy Persad

Group C Chairman
T&T Petroleum & Marketing

Ms. Janelle Spencer

Concepts in Freight Ltd

Ms. Kadishia Rajkumar

Caribbean Shipping Agencies LTD.