The structure of the SATT allows for the optimal provision of expertise and experience towards achieving its objectives. The SATT consists of the:

Executive Council – formulates policy and general guidelines for the Association. The President heads this body.

The Secretariat – implements policies and provides critical support for the day-to-day operations of the Association. The General Manager head these functions.

Special Sub-Committees – formed to undertake special projects. It comprises relevant members with expertise related to the terms of reference of the sub-committee and the nature of the project.

Our Leaders

Mr. Hayden Alleyne

Seaboard Marine Trinidad

Mr. Yuri Jardine

Vice President
Twin Island Shipping Agencies LTD

Mr. Garry Dalla Costa

Immediate Past President
Caribbean Shipping Agencies INC.

Mr. Stefan Mohammed

Group A Chairman
Gulf Shipping LTD

Mr. Jason-Leigh Ayoung

Group A Representative
Melville Shipping LTD

Mr. Michael Scipio

Group B Chairman
Atlantic LNG

Ms. Janelle Spencer

Group C Chairman
Concepts in Freight Ltd

Mr. Andrew Nurse

T&T Petroleum & Marketing

Ms. Kadishia Rajkumar

Caribbean Shipping Agencies LTD.