Get to Know your Members – Immediate past President – Hayden Alleyne

This is a candid interview to get an insight into the members work and lifestyle.


Joined in 1999 whilst working at Port Authority.

In 2005 was promoted to Strategic Planning Manager and was the representative for Port Authority at SATT.

I voluntered. CEO –Colin Lucas was a member and encouraged my involvement. HA noticed alot of members were stakeholders of the various shipping companies, the Port with representatives at SATT. I wanted to be an active part of SATT.

It was a personal fulfilling experience. I Thought SATT could do alot more than it was doing at the time.
The Shipping industry contributes heavily to Trinidad and Tobago GDP, Shipping Industry is a major pillar for the country.

  • * I wanted to grow the membership.
  • * Bring back unity and expand the work of SATT.
  • * Post Budget Webinar
  • * Vaccination of the Shipping Industry.
  • * Digital Marketing Improved
    It was a very fulfilling 2 year term.

I was 50lb over weight and i was not feeling healthy wanted to do more with my mind and body.

Started in 2019 with an adventure race with only 6 weeks training.

The first 5k I ran was for COSTATT IN 2019.

  • – Under 18
  • – 18 –25
  • – 26 –35
  • – 36 – 45
  • 46 – 55
  • -56 – above
  • Full Marathon (42.195km)

It was a local marathon in January 2020.

  • – Fitness and Health
  • – Personal achievement
  • – Fundraising for Charity
  • – Socializing with other runners
  • – Love for running

I have a self customised training program.

The training program gradually builds you up to increase mileage.

The training program takes discipline to get up and do things, when you don’t want to do it. The training teaches you to know your body,
Success lies in your diet, sleep, recovery and strength. No alcohol.

I also like team sports and small goal. Love being outdoors, so running fits in well with lifestyle.

Running is simplest, just go and do it. Easy and accessible.

  • – Sense of accomplishments
  • – Endorphin release
  • – Community and camarderies
  • – Long term health benefits

Yes. Part of the training is injury management.

Previously, was injured and in bed for 3 weeks.

Due to injury to left side of my knee. Took it easy and did cyling at home.

New York Marathon has been my best experience to date.

It was a good feeling with over 60,000 persons cheering.

Compete against myself. Race to beat my personal best time.

Trail. Most marathon runners prefer trail.

  • – Running Shoes
  • – Light weight material, Dry Kit.
  • – Not too many seams on the clothes as it cuts the skin.
  • – Moisture –wearing clothing -water bottle hydration pack
  • – Energy / gel bars
  • – Stay lubricated and drink or use energy bars in intervals. Do not wait until your hungry.
  • – Sunglasses, hats, vaseline based on environment that I am running.
  • – Runners watch which tracks heartbeat, distance, vitals etc.
  • – Light work on bike
  • – walking 5k / 10k
  • – rest and relaxation
  • – stretching and foam rolling
  • – ice baths and cold therapy
  • – massage therapy
  • – proper hydration and nutrition

To prevent pain in legs and build up in system, and to reduce lactic acid

  • no. Try to keep aware of surroundings as run on the road.
  • Not a running club but would like members to get involved. Have a SATT Team complete events and the 6k In December.
  • • Firstly remove all limits from your head.
  • • Don’t limit yourself.
  • • Get out there with an open mind and just do it.
  • • Naturally you will be improving.
  • • Look for people you can share your experience with, diet, race times etc.
  • Took part last year and I will take part this year.

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