Bridge Control Services Limited’s core business is the provision of marine transportation services. Our operations are driven by a high focus on safety, efficiency and reliability and are underpinned by a strong competence in vessel ownership, crewing operations and maintenance. BCSL’s service offer includes marine pilot transfers, crew and offshore personnel transfers, transportation of shipping agents/statutory personnel, as well as the transport of spares and supplies. Other services include, but are not limited to, emergency response, line handling and mooring boat operations and private water taxi services.

At present, BCSL owns and operates 11 vessels, the majority of which utilise water jet propulsion systems. Additionally, we charter vessels to meet market demand and specific customer needs. We service all the major ports in Trinidad and Tobago including: Port of Spain, Chaguaramas, Point Lisas, Yara, Pointe-à-Pierre, Claxton Bay, Brighton, Point Fortin, Galeota Point and others as required. Operations are conducted from three bases in Trinidad: Chaguaramas, Port of Spain and Point Lisas, which acts as our central dispatching hub. Our fleet proudly provides 24/7 service coverage throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Our service and ambitions are underpinned by our vision statement to be the premier and most innovative maritime service provider in the region.