SATT’s 86th AGM and Business Forum

The Shipping Association of T&T held its 86th Annual General Meeting and & Business Forum on March 20th, 2024.

The Executive Council for the term 2024-2025 are as follows;

President Sonja Voisin
Vice President Shelly Balkissoon
TrusteeTroy Persad
TrusteeReynaldo Motilal
Group A ChairmanStefan Mohammed
Group A RepresentativeBrenton Trim
Group B ChairmanMarlene Jeremiah
Group C ChairmanKevin Choo Quan
Feature SpeakerHonourable Minister Rohan Sinanan –
Minister of Works and Transport.
Guest SpeakerShane Ram

The listing of all officers biographies of our EC here.

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Key Speeches and Presentations

SATT's 86th Business Forum Feature Speaker - The Honorable Rohan Sinanan
SATT's 86th AGM President's Address - Sonja Voisin
SATT's 86th Business Forum Keynote Speaker - Shane Ram

Media Releases

Because no event would be complete without the photos to remember it by, here are a few photos

 from the wonderful event and you can view the full gallery here.

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