– Arson attack on HDC duplex unit in Couva Man killed, 3 others injured

The Shipping Association of Trinidad & Tobago wishes to extend it’s condolences to the family and friends of Tyrone Foster.


A Couva man is dead and three others were hospitalised after their home was firebombed yesterday morning.

Dead is Tyrone Foster, 25, a terminal worker on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

Foster, who is also known as Stephon, succumbed to injuries while trying to escape from a fire at his Anand Yankaran Extension Street home in the HDC’s Exchange Village Housing Development just after 3 am.

His uncle, Lester Foster, girlfriend Layla Richards and mother Lorna Cuffie-Foster were also badly burnt in the attack and were being treated at the San Fernando General Hospital last evening.

In a phone interview yesterday, a friend of Lorna, who was with her at the hospital but did not want to be identified, said she was unable to speak and was in excruciating pain.

Rocky Daniel, 57, who lives in a duplex opposite Foster’s home, said he believed a Molotov cocktail was tossed into the first floor of Foster’s duplex.

Daniel said three survivors were rescued by the firemen who broke into the building.

“I was upstairs and I hear ‘boom’, as if somebody pelt something, by the time I look outside, I see the house on fire so I say ‘De house on fire’ and ah run downstairs, open the door, put on the light and ah grab the hose and ah start to run with the hose and start to ting water. Tyrone was by the door and bawling Rocky…Rocky ahhh, ahh. I say boy ah coming, ah coming, ah coming. When I reach it, I getting problem with water from the pump.”

Daniel said neighbours joined the efforts to douse the flame before the T&T Fire Service arrived around 10 minutes later. However, they could not save Foster, who could not make it through the burglar-proofed doors and windows.

Another neighbour, Stephenson Ramlochan, 57, said last December the family was attacked and their house was stoned down. He said the assailants broke several windows in the house and stoned a car parked in the yard. Ramlochan said the area is a quiet one and he doesn’t know why the family was attacked.

Foster’s body was removed at 5 am. The scene was visited by investigators from the Fire Service, Chaguanas Police Station and staff of the Couva South MP’s office.

HDC responds

In a release yesterday, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) said it understands the fire started at approximately 2.30 am.

It said while the cause of the fire was yet to be determined, the HDC will conduct checks to determine the extent of damage to the building, including water damage to the adjacent units.

It said the HDC’s subsidiary, the Facilities Estate Management Company Limited (FEMCoL), will ensure the unit is remediated, following the TTFS’ report, and that the family is referred to the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services for counselling.

Minister of Housing and Urban Development Camille Robinson-Regis thanked the TTFS for its swift response in rescuing the victims and bringing them to safety. She also thanked them for extinguishing the fire and preventing it from reigniting or spreading to other units. She expressed condolences to Ms Foster and her family for the loss of their relative and stands ready to assist the family in their time of need.

HDC chairman Noel Garcia and managing director Jayselle McFarlane also expressed solidarity with the displaced family and offered condolences.

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